Website Hosting, Maintenance And Security

Keeping your site safe, secure and up to date





We know each business has different budgets and website requirements. All websites have to be secure, maintained and updated in today’s online environment.

HOSTING ONLY – This is a basic hosting account similar to what many budget hosts offer…ie crazy domains, go daddy etc. Basically we host your website only.  You are then responsible for managing your website. Suited to someone with experience in WordPress Sites who wants to change website content themselves and manage their backups, security and monthly software updates.

HOSTING AND MAINTENANCE – For someone who doesn’t have time or knowledge and would prefer us to manage your website and keep your site secure, backed up, and up to date. Keeping your website maintained for the small extra cost of only $13 a month, is highly recommended in helping keep your website secure and up to date.

CLIENT HOSTS – For someone who wants to keep their existing website host but doesn’t have time or knowledge and would prefer us to manage your website and keep your site secure, and up to date.

ADVANCED – Has the features of the above options plus up to 30 mins of website edits/changes a month by us.


* SSL Security Certificates – We have just found out as from October 2017 Google has said anyone with a contact form or collecting data on their website will require an SSL certificate on their site if they want to avoid a warning message showing up in Google Chrome Browser.

Eventually Google is pushing that all sites have SSL certificates.  Another benefit of SSL is that google has said it will also rank your site better if you have it installed on your website.

You can click here to read more about.  GOOGLE CHROME AND SSL

Many companies charge between $40 and $100 PER YEAR for an SSL certificate and an install fee.  We include one for free on all our plans.

COMPARE: Click here for yearly cost of Go Daddy SSL certification