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High quality SEO strategies don’t just provide short lived successes, they provide ongoing performance. Staying ahead of your competition is a vital aspect to the modern rat race, and the further we look into the future, the more complex and competitive things are set to become.

Ready your business for whatever the future may hold!

So, How Do We Do It?

Before we can start devising your bespoke SEO solution, we need to understand how your website is performing at the moment. Via an in-depth website analysis , we’ll be able to discern where your websites strengths lie, and where improvements can be made. Amongst other factors we assess the pros and cons of your current SEO strategy, your backlinks, internal/external linking strategy, your link taxonomy and how efficiently your website loads.

This initial audit is a vital aspect to our process that allows us to create the best SEO plan to suit your goals.

Competitor Analysis
Understanding what your competitors are up to and what your specific industry is doing is an essential bit of research that allows us to adapt your SEO strategy to target possible keyword niches. Using specified tools such as SEMRush we can assess all aspects of your competitors SEO such as their targeted keywords, their backlinks, their organic/paid traffic and much more.
Keyword Research
This is arguably one of the most important phases in the SEO process. Using third party tools such as SEMrush, we perform in-depth granular research into your industry specific keywords. Competitiveness of keywords, how much traffic they drive, relevancy to your product or service and whether they apply on a local or broader scale are just some of the variables necessary to deliver an optimised SEO strategy.

We will provide you with detailed reports and documentation detailing your keyword strategy.

Link Taxonomy
The way in which your website is structured can have adverse effects on your SEO. Google makes use of your links and content to index your pages, and if your website is set out in an illogical manner, you could experience negative SERP results. SEO trends are showing that site link taxonomy is becoming more of a ranking factor with each passing year, so ensuring your website is ready for the future is essential.
On-Page Optimisation
This is the phase where we start to optimize each individual page to be as SEO friendly as possible. We use your targeted keywords and insert them strategically to SEO optimise your page. This means we optimise and edit your title tag, meta description, H1 header, copy on page, keyword density and image alt-tags to mention a few. Once this has been fully completed, you can expect to see an increase in SEO performance as soon as Google has re-indexed your newly optimized page.
Backlinks give Google an indication of how trustworthy and authoritative your website is. Sometimes, these backlinks can prove to be toxic to your website since the websites linking back to yours are of low quality and spammy. To prevent this we do a backlink audit and remove all toxic backlinks to ensure that you have only got high quality backlinks from trusted websites in your backlinking scheme.
Fact of the matter is, SEO takes time to produce the results that you may be looking for. Rome surely wasn’t built in a day, and nor will your organic SEO campaign results, but there is a way to get to the top immediately. Pay Per Click campaigns are paid campaigns that put you at the very top of Google’s search results and allow you to custom target audiences that you know will want your services. These PPC campaigns are excellent ways to drive paid traffic while your organic SEO campaign still develops.
Landing Page Creation
Once you start to drive relevant traffic to your website, you need to ensure that your web pages are designed for maximum conversions, and that’s exactly what Conversion Rate Optimised Landing Pages are designed to do. Immediately getting your prospect’s attention, awakening their interest creating the desire for them to act on your proposed solution can be achieved through text optimization, good call to action placement, great design and soon you’ll be converting more than ever before.
Regular Reporting
Knowing your clients customer journey enables you to optimise all components of the digital marketing strategy so that we can continually adapt to deliver the best solution for your client which in turn will generate more sales. This information will be provided to you through a complete monthly report on how your SEO strategy has been performing. You’ll be able to see how each individual keyword has been increasing, how your site traffic is performing and how you rise in the rankings.

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